@VIPPaedoRing #FionaBarnett on VIP Paedophile Ring in Australia

She lists the names of victims whose murders she witnessed and has given names of VIP paedos to the responsible institutions.

She says quite clearly:

  • Paedophilia is a red herring, it’s a cover-up for ritual abuse.

Please note how Fiona Barnett’s experience matches this report:

Who needs fiction when we need to wake up to REALITY???

Fiona’s second video is here.



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3 responses to “@VIPPaedoRing #FionaBarnett on VIP Paedophile Ring in Australia

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  2. Michael Mathews

    Finally the people of the world are waking up to widespread Satanic ritual abuse of our children and the organised way these networks operate throughout all classes of society http://www.escapingritualabuseinaustralia.com

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