International Network against Child Abuse

cathy fox blog on child abuse

International Network against Child Abuse


This message is autotranslated, so apologies for any errors.

The reason for this blog post is to try and bring together survivors and people who campaign against child abusers and paedophiles but speak different languages.

If we are to help stop child abusers, many of whom operate internationally, we must link up into a network, across borders and across barriers of language.

I ask that victims, survivors and campaigners to leave a comment with your website, blog or email, so that we can contact each other and fight the tyranny of the child abusers.

Peace, love and strength to all


[Translated by SDL   or


Mae’r neges hon ynauto cyfieithu, fellyymddiheuriadauam unrhyw wallau.

Y rheswm amy swydd hon blogyw ceisiodod âgoroeswyr aphobl sy’nymgyrchuyn erbyncam-drin plantaa

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