The tragic case of Tina Rayson and Britain’s new SS


Tina Rayson

Time and time again we hear tell of the devastating effects Social Services are having on families across Britain.

Sociopathic social workers are so hell-bent on getting their child-snatching bonus,  they will stop at nothing to split up and traumatise families under the insidious guise of ” child-protection”.

Thousands upon thousands of children are taken from loving families every year, despite parents complying with everything asked of them by the authorities.

Social work misery

What most people don’t realise is that whether parents comply or not once the SS get their claws into a family they are almost certainly going to lose their children in this country’s evil secret court system.

Corrupt lawyers, barristers and judges are all making big money from the fostering and adoption industry and they couldn’t give two shits if children end up being abused in care and parents are destroyed due to their loss.

Social Workers LiarsSocial Worker Lies

According to the Telegraph:

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