@MoJGovUK When Criminals Rule the World #Police Make the #Law and don’t Investigate Child Sexual Abuse #CSA

Victims Unite!

16 02 13 I am deliberate‘Innocent until guilty’
says The Law.

‘Criminal suspect’ is the label that Police use for treating innocent people and whistleblowers in the most traumatising, degrading and de-humanising way, as I have last experienced with an after-MIDNIGHT arrest on a Sunday with entry forced – without Search or Arrest Warrant – for having published a blog article on 10 April 2015, supposedly intimidating witnesses…

‘If you plead guilty, you won’t have to pay for court costs’, say Magistrate Courts.

‘If the case is embarrassing, we will gag the press and even prevent people in the gallery from taking notes, judges can decide.


1. people are waking up:

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