@FionaRaeBarnett @DavidShurter Join the Elite Abusers: from Australia to Bohemian Grove to Hampstead?

Fabulous Fiona Barnett is writing again from down under:

“I was doing some research on Judge Scalia who was one of David Shurter’s abusers.

I found the links between Pedo Child Hunting Parties, Bohemian Grove, Order of St Hubertus & the death of Judge Scalia at a Texan Rent Boy Ranch.

David Shurter & I wrote articles based on it

Then the info was been picked up all over including the Washington Post:

Now, David and I are getting mentioned all over – including James Shanahan’s stuff:

The journalists are searching for the 13 yo rent boy who slashed Scalia’s throat…

Exposing the Hampstead case has caused me to be arrested three times. The last times with charges of ‘witness intimidation’ by having published this post – in April last year!


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