NARCO-POLITIK: A Few Brave Mexican Journalists Have Been Reporting the Convergence Between Drug Cartels, Leading Industrialists, & their Giant US/UK “Too Big to Fail” Banking Partners


Source –, By Daniel Hopsicker

“…Every recent Mexican President—including Carlos Salinas, Vicente  Fox, Felipe Calderon, and Enrique Pena—have presided over that country’s drug trade”:

Three Mexican journalists—each a woman who has spent years living with the real possibility that the death threats she regularly receives will one day result in a slow, gruesome death—heroically continue to report the truth about the drug war in their country that no mainstream American journalist has the balls to report about the drug war in ours:

“Mexico’s war on drugs is one big lie.”


Carmen Aristegui (above,left) Lydia Cacho (above, center) and Anabel Hernández(above, right) report Mexico’s drug lords and the Mexican government are two sides of the same coin. Each has more courage in her little finger than do hundreds of toadies, lapdogs, and sniveling careerists in the U.S. mindlessly passing along press releases fed to them by government handlers as news.

Que es mas macho?

Even as the…

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