#FarFromFiction #Theatre of #SharedUnconscious in our #SelfHarming #Society

Cafe Theatre Productions

You can’t make it up: last night we were watching the agonies of the 19-year-old black woman and the 69-year-old former actress, sharing their problems with their mother and their psychiatrists.

Afterwards we were discussing the gaps and connections between personal and societal pains. The remarkable play highlights psychiatry as a ‘labelling industry’.

This morning I get the email from the excellent site Humans are Free:

I don’t know what it takes to change

  • from feeling ‘victim’ of our parents, to free non-wounded spirits;
  • from being marginalised as women (12% in science in technology), as blacks, as anorexics, as mental health patients to creative entrepreneurs doing meaningful work;
  • from following mainstream media ‘prescriptions’ to questioning and seeking meaning in life our own way;
  • from having been victimised by white collar…

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April 13, 2016 · 10:05 pm

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