Mass Awakening from Mass Suppression into #HolisticHealing @Global__Healing

This email came from Christopher Rudy in the US today:

“If you read today’s article: Mass Awakening From Mass Suppression, you’ll know how urgent this is.

Two timely short videos are included.

It’s about THE QUICKENING of global “Common Sense” (Mass Correction of Public Deception)

You’ll appreciate how global economic reset is about to burst onto the world scene. This will be shocking for those who are unprepared and stuck in negativity.

Better than being shocked with even more stress and ‘dis-ease’ is being prepared for some disruption of corruption on a global scale.

Please read Mass Awakening From Mass Suppression to be prepared for some socio-political bumps in the road ahead.

These are Christopher Rudy’s main points:

  1. We are spiritual beings incarnating on earth to experience ‘full spectrum enlightenment’.
  2. ‘Mass Awakening’ means accusing Big Pharma of starting autism with MMR vaccine!
  3. Deceptions are achieved through the mis-use of words by mainstream media and governmental policies:
    • health care is really ‘disease management’;
    • wars are fought for corporate profit;
    • ‘Patriot Acts’ enslave citizens into the tyranny of ‘debt slavery’.
  4. Censorship of ‘medical truth’ about the cause and cures of cancer are part of ‘the system’.
  5. Global Healing is happening:
    • Clean free energy technology is going into production;
    • economics of abundance will displace scarcity;
    • Chemtrails for climate engineering and population reduction will stop;
    •  cleaning up the Fukishima meltdown will begin to take place.

Is it true that there’s nothing more valuable than a vision that has found its time?

Are your aware of the priceless value of hope that a clear vision for global healing gives at this time?

Would you agree that the best way to prevent the ‘Shock and Awe’ of widespread evil – now being exposed – is to care enough to share a definite vision of wholEness and healing in our new global social networks?

So at least, please read Mass Awakening From Mass Suppression.

In good conscience, link the light – forward it freely.

“Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and blind can see.” ~ Mark Twain

Much more on ‘Mass Awakening From Mass Suppression’ at:

For Kind Men among Mankind,
THANKS for Caring,
~ Christopher

PS: Find your VOICE, your ESSENCE. My guest on Cosmic LOVE this Saturday is the ‘Voice Visionary’ Kara Johnstad, a singer-songwriter and “Mentor To Voices Changing Our World”. See her website at

PPS: Far From Fiction is a new play in a pub theatre in Kentish Town in London that addresses our personal pain as a symptom of “We are a self-harming society.”


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