American #Paedophilia: Prerequisite of a Wealthy Elitist — in #Australia, #UK and where else?

National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse

This is a most comprehensive article that I’ve seen on

It finishes with the key question:

Are Americans really so oblivious as to be led by the noses by a bunch of sadistic, Satanic pedophiles without even knowing it?

For Britain, The Coleman Experience gives the answer:

Whistleblower Kids are telling the truth: Britain is run by Satanists.

For Australia, Fiona Barnett is the most outspoken abuse survivor and whistleblower.

I am just surprised that the murder of Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband was omitted. But not everybody joins the dots between institutionalised child-snatching and elitist paedophilia…

Most Americans in this postmodern era are well aware that something is wrong. Whether they can say for certain what the cause of this sociocultural virus is, everyone has their own ideas and secret aces up their sleeves that “make sense of everything” and…

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