Shaming @GOVUK into #Change? #Corruption #kleptocracy #poverty #PanamaPapers in cyber air

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When SYMPTOMS are considered, rather than CAUSES, illnesses can’t be eradicated. But the National Debt and the Governments’ ‘borrowing spending requirements’, the creation of money and its nature are about what’s so dishonest about our money system.

The ‘kleptocracy tour’ is certainly a sick-making symptom – at the other end of the money spectrum with homelessness and joblessness.

Ken Loach was so shocked by a ‘decision-maker’ deciding over someone’s ability to work – who cares whether ‘austerity measures’ can provide for jobs at all – that he directed the film I, Daniel Blake which was welcomed with tears in Cannes.

Similarly, the need for a Global Corruption Barometer and the Corruption Perceptions Index published by Transparency International are sad symptoms of a society desperately sick from capitalism.

Transparency International produces excellent research into the most glaring corrupt activities at home in the UK, as spelled out in this briefing:

  • political funding,
  • peer appointments,
  • police corruption,
  • procurement and local government.

However, Transparency International also demand

  • Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, which host hundreds of thousands of secret companies and legal entities, to publish time-bound plans of action for publishing registries that show the names of the real people – beneficial owners – of the companies and legal entities incorporated there.

Nation states as vehicles of abuse to ‘speak in your name’.

Corporations as method of deception to hide real people.

This opportunity to challenge the Cabinet Office was the Anti-Corruption Summit with an official communique and plans for:

  • exposing corruption;
  • preventing corruption;
  • punishing the facilitators of corruption:  lawyers, bankers, property dealers;
  • driving out corruption;
  • and protecting civil society and journalists.

Mind the gap: between what they say and what they do… The UK is in position 10, together with Germany and Luxembourg. But the map shows clearly: the origin of capitalism in the ‘clean’ Western countries ‘export’ corruption into public institutions worldwide…

Will we shine our light sufficiently to stop Criminals ruling the World???

Transparency International answer “What is Corruption?” with:

The abuse of entrusted power for private gain.


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One response to “Shaming @GOVUK into #Change? #Corruption #kleptocracy #poverty #PanamaPapers in cyber air

  1. truth1

    I had been considering another form of deception. Atheism purports to be a choice of reason over superstition and religion. But at the core of Atheism is not reason, but a hatred of good more typically found in religion than in other places. And I am not saying that there is not bad religion, either. But when its demonstrated that nearly all Atheists are political leftists and inversionists, they go wild. Their cover has been blown. All spy gents depend upon a cover, an excuse, as to why they are in your country or you in theirs. A better strategy is to find natives who are willing, for money or whatever, to join your spy cause, because they look like the natives and have every appearance of being a native.

    “Reason” is a cover for Atheism, but a false one, a lie if you will. By eliminating religion, they eliminate the last possible holdout against pure hatred and evil of every type. Here is the paradox. Most Atheists are not Atheists at all. Another cover. They actually believe in and serve Satan, who clearly is a spirit and does have power of some degree. They know this, but being an Atheist is a great cover to hid an deny Satan and the worship of him, and obedience to him, a known source of evil. It should be naturally assumed that all Atheists are leftists and Satan worshipers. What they clearly are not, if those who love reason. When you use solid reason with them as Stephan Molyneux has done on youtube, they go bezerk. No more reasoning. Just ad-hominm attacks and lots of anger. They hate it when people expose their lack of reason and show they for their true lying colors.

    So lets go one further. It is quite evident in the entertainment world how important Satanism is to that field and industry. But though not said as much, it is the same for people in politics and the political “industry.” They, too, worship Satan though they will quickly and emphatically deny such. In fact, they are every likely to claim to be . . . yep! you guessed it! Atheists!

    When they lose their cover, they get oh so angry and hateful. This is when you see their true colors. They really just want to harm, destroy, and kill, in no particular order. They hate everyone and everything. It really is that simple. I strongly urge all to go to youtube and type in Stephan Molyneux along with Atheism and watch the most recent stuff. Very impressive. But I am going to add my dimension to it, which I have done here and will do elsewhere. I wonder how they like me now 😉

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