@twitter Who controls our Minds? Who determines what is desirable / valuable / worthwhile / moral / ethical / politically correct???

“People want dreams. When they lose faith in their own ability to dream about the life they want, they’ll accept someone else dreaming for them.

“That’s what hypnosis is. Someone else dreaming for you.

This is the subconscious sub-text: he gives you a fantasy about being saved from the despair of being cut off from your own dreams, and you accept it. You accept a substitute. “

That’s hypnosis. That’s mind control. That’s believing you can live in someone else’s creation forever…”

I just read this quote in this article in the fabulous blog Humans are Free.

While the article is about exposing medical ‘secrets’ in the US, it reminds me of the book I’m currently reading:
16 05 25 TavistockThe Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, and Political

The author is Dr John Coleman, publisher of the remarkable blog The Coleman Experience.

And he writes how the Tavistock brainwashed Western European civilization – first under a different name – since before WWI.

But then there is dream factory Hollywood, in the grip of child abuse scandal similar to Jimmy Savile – as published by The Telegraph – the first step towards Satanic Hollywood

What does turn innocent young boys into dirty old men?

How come there are also women among cruel paedophiles?

Why does celebrity and power seem to depend on it?



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2 responses to “@twitter Who controls our Minds? Who determines what is desirable / valuable / worthwhile / moral / ethical / politically correct???

  1. truth1

    So much to stimulate the mind here. Too much to tackle in any detail. The Coleman Experience is, indeed, a great site/blog. Hard hitting! I am reading “Cover up of the Century – Satanic Ritual Crime and World Conspiracy.” Daniel Ryder. Look this up on Amazon and see how much it costs. Very interesting. I know someone who has a free PDF version.

    But as I see it, the understanding of Trauma Based Mind Control is at the heart of most of our problems. Everyone everywhere needs to know what is being hidden from them and how it is used. If we do not learn it, we will be consumed by “it.” Satanism is also at the heart of our problems. The FBI said once that the bigger a supposed conspiracy it, the less likely it is real because its too hard to keep quiet.

    The reality is, the more people involved in a conspiracy, the easier it is to cover up up and bury it. Let me put it this way. If you have a battle between 2 armies with similar weapons, tactics, and leadership, then the deciding factor will be whose army is bigger. But in society today, we have no more factor. A conspirator who is a nobody is not help or threat. But a conspirator way up in power and influence, is worth many many people, because that one with power and influence, has exactly that, lots of power and influence over many people and jurisdictions.

    I’ll put it another way. What’s more useful on a chess board? A pawn or a Queen? You tell me! Who you are is as important as how many of you there are. Rank matters. In rank, we are vastly outnumbered. Our weapon is to enlighten as many as possible. Numbers to try to resist the Rank and Status. We will never have rank or status, but we could use some numbers. But I say, not just any numbers. Some people are not worth having and can even be a hindrance to movement or cause. Who we pick for friends, matter! Quality rather than quantity. God only accepts Quality. He’ll take nothing else. He is very fussy about His friends.

    But really, for me, learning is the most important aspect of being of help and use, since one needs good info to act on.

    Anyway, this was a great post. A shot in the arm, but not like a vaccine 😉 More like a shot of adrenaline. Kudos!

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