Bullets not Tweets: Satanic Nature of Modern Culture, Elders of Zion, Rothschild Central Banks @RT_com @AlJazeera

First I learned blogging.

Then I learned to blog in ‘link language‘: making connections.

Then I began to write in ‘bullet language‘: to make points.

Here it’s the Humans are Free blog that makes three critical points with three excellent articles:

  1. The Satanic Nature of Modern Cult-ure
    • Under the guise of ‘secularism’, society has been inducted into a satanic cult, Cabalism. The goal is to destroy man’s soul connection to the Divine.
  2. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion — Probably Written by the Rothschilds
    • Lucifer Triumphant, Mankind Enslaved
  3. Only 3 Countries Left Without a ROTHSCHILD Central Bank

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One response to “Bullets not Tweets: Satanic Nature of Modern Culture, Elders of Zion, Rothschild Central Banks @RT_com @AlJazeera

  1. truth1

    So many goodies in this blog post. I am gonna add one to it. Just got in this in the mail from amazon now 3 days ago and I got a review of it up on my site as part of an article. The book is Marx & Satan, by Richard Wurmbrand. Turns out that Karl Marx was a satan worshiper. I know, that really is not a surprised, given what it has spawned. Marxism is just another word/name for “hate, destroy, kill.” And that is the essence of Satanism as well. And it is catching on like wild fire. As soon as the election is over and its possible aftermath as well, then I suspect a big war to follow. They want to subdue the Mid east so they can rebuild the temple and welcome the Satanic Antichrist. Oh, the fun we will all have 😉 I’ll be saving this page to disk. Its go so much and today is a big work day for me 20 miles north. things is gettin hot round hee-ah 😉

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