@HillaryClinton email: International #Paedophile Ring and Deep Space @RT_com @AlJazeera

There’s more to The reopening of the Hillary Email case than the two topics in the subject line.

The two deeper themes are:

  1. Paedophilia – who would have thought that Hillary likes girl teenagers?
  2.  The Secret Space Program – did you know that Hillary knows ETs want us to have free energy?

In the end it’s all about secret governments in their conspiracy reality of bringing the New World Order about, come what may, in this excellent article.

But: will they succeed?

Surely Good will win over Evil!!!???


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One response to “@HillaryClinton email: International #Paedophile Ring and Deep Space @RT_com @AlJazeera

  1. truth1

    The secret powers have literally spent years refining their script for the final days, with Satan lending a big hand. All kids of surprises await. A UFO invasion, to save us, you understand. A so called Jesus will arrive, too. You can’t make this stuff up. Oh, the pedophilia? That was just some rogue politicians. Its not really going on that much 😉 WW3 is drawing near. We gut ta subdue the Mid East so that the temple be be rebuilt. Of course, then one has to ask, why rebuild the temple when Jesus died as the sacrifice of all sacrifices to atone for the sins of our original forefather, Adam. And there will be “signs and wonders” galore to impress the fools.

    and of course, WW3 will be the war to end all wars. Where have I heard that before? My mind is blank 😉 Its all going to be quite the spectacle. A 3 ring circus and Broadway extravaganza. Don’t be fooled by any of it.

    Would I lie to you good people? No, but Satan will. Tis all he does, is lie.

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