#SpiritCooking with the #Clintons: bizarre satanic fetish!? @HillaryClinton @RT_com @AlJazeera

10 minutes of shock, horror, deja vu, apathy or roaring fury as armchair activist?



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3 responses to “#SpiritCooking with the #Clintons: bizarre satanic fetish!? @HillaryClinton @RT_com @AlJazeera

  1. truth1

    no doubt, that the smoke indicated fire. But I also know that it is not just the Clintons. All of Washington DC and all levels of government are in on this. And most people have not a clue. It really is not warranted anymore. There is too much out there for people to be so clueless.

  2. truth1

    I had more thoughts of the video. All the things revealed are also what Mind control abuse victims relate as well and what day care center children in the US reveal and what Alisa and Gabriel revealed in their testimony. This is a very pervasive problem all around the world.

    As well, with this being openly revealed, has the appearance of Satan exposing himself since he would normally have the ability to stop this. That it came out either indicates God’s doing, or God telling Satan to let it out his way or God would do it His way, or maybe God is going to do something anyway and Satan decided it would be better if he did it his way with his slant on it, so he could misdirect it better when other stuff come out. but I sense a changing tide in the affairs of men. Its not business as usual any more. Yahoo! or Yahu! Yahuwah or Jehovah.

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