#Pizzagate #SRA #SatanicRitualAbuse @HagmannReport Better than the Press ever could! @SGTReport

The speaker is Doug of the HagmannReport who was “a surveillance asset of the FBI”:

The US Government was pimping out teenage boys to Asian diplomats.

And here’s

Mind the gaps between mainstream and social media…


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One response to “#Pizzagate #SRA #SatanicRitualAbuse @HagmannReport Better than the Press ever could! @SGTReport

  1. truth1

    I put this out to all for consideration. There was a line near to this said in the 2nd video, I think it was, about 12 hours earlier:
    “Circumstantial evidence leading to a pile of smoking clues that show the situation to be far beyond any rule of law and decency.”
    Well said. Now I add: This is a crisis stage level here on earth that requires a red alert martial law declaration, whereby, and I say this metaphorically, only, orders to shoot to kill. Put another way, assume the very worst. The inmates are now running the asylum. They are in power. We have been conquered.

    We have been innocent sheep for at least 2500 years. We have been dull in the senses, trusting, and I will emphasize these 2 words: Not Vigilant; and Way too tolerant, of far too much, in our society, for way too long.

    Perhaps we can learn from it. Human experience is useless, if we do not take care to learn something from it. What should we have done differently? That is a big question with lots of considerations.

    For starters, parents in general, seem to believe that children will just naturally grow up understanding how life is an learn. But the reality is that children have to be instructed by their parents and that is tough since the parents were not instructed, either, so they have to learn some new tricks.

    Knowledge was intended to be almost like a code. children do not learn that much unless it comes thru their instinctively trusted source, the parents. What that means, if I am correct, is that children will only really listen to what the parents say, if they say anything. All other sources are much less effective in the early days. This is and was as God intended.

    Problem is, that if we send out kids to school, with the attitude that the teachers are the best source of knowledge, then our child will obey us and accept the teacher as prime authority.

    I am going to branch off here to explain hypnosis a little. Most don’t understand it that well. You r mind works in 2 sections.You have an instinctual sub-conscious level or side, and a conscious thinking analytical side left in control more and more as we progress from instinct to reason.

    the instinct is a protector. It responds to whatever it detects from the conscious side. If we are threatened with major trauma, the instinct will kick in and divert the trauma and its emotions to a section of brain memory and keep it blocked off till a time when more safety and security is present as the instinct decides.

    The instinct can detect the will of the consciousness and obey that. If the conscious person willingly listens to and obeys a hypnotist, and this is done the instinct takes it to indicate the hypnotist is a trusted source who is to be obeyed, at all times. the more it is done, the stronger the bond with the hypnotist.. No one should ever give that kind of power to anyone, really.

    But we are born trusting our parents, instinctively. This was as god intended since we are not that bright when very young. But as we get older and smarter, we might begin to test the knowledge and instructions of our parents. That is a good thing if we do this purely for the right answer.

    But if our parents, as our trysted source, told us to listen and obey another source, we would do that. Because we trust our parents. God gave parents the lock and key to our hearts and minds. Parents often hand that off to others. This is a major sin in the eyes of God.

    Parents need to accept full responsibility for teaching their kids. The major mistake of our history was submitting to forced government education, which was designed to lie and prevent learning as well as condition us against our nature.

    Governmental education is the plague that sort of began with Universities near to 1000 AD and it progressed to teaching youth in the 19th century.thru government schools, for FREE. Beware of strangers with candy! The job, according to God’s will, is that of the parents to teach their own kids. Shame on us for every rejecting that obligation. We get what we deserve. Am I not right?

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