Making Historic Connections: #CatholicChurch #Royalty #Illuminati #Jesuits #Satanic #Hollywood #Paedophilia #Clinton #Trump #Pizzagate #CSA

A most insight-ful account of the importance of the Jesuits as the ‘executive branch’ of the Roman Catholic Church and the creators of the Illuminati.

Fundamentally it is about ‘mind control’ as it has been exercised by ‘satanic Hollywood’ and companies like Walt Disney’s and PIXAR, including the Simpsons program.

‘Pizzagate’ is a ‘code word’ for child sexual abuse and its symbol is being used to legalise and normalise paedophilia, satanism, cannibalism and child sexual abuse.

That’s the essence. That’s the gist. It’s up to each of us to create our OWN views, thoughts, feelings, opinions and interpretations.

Happy Christmas and a GREAT New 2017!!!


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One response to “Making Historic Connections: #CatholicChurch #Royalty #Illuminati #Jesuits #Satanic #Hollywood #Paedophilia #Clinton #Trump #Pizzagate #CSA

  1. truth1

    ” It’s up to each of us to create our OWN views, thoughts, feelings, opinions and interpretations.”

    Yes, and then share them so as to compare notes. Some call it brain-storming. Iron sharpens iron. However, UK citizens have no real rights ( to express thoughts that are not approved) as far as the crown is concerned.

    What I really liked in the video was the “play” card. You can play it any time and he speculated about what and why some cards get dealt and played. Possible Vendettas, some breaking rules and other such reasons. But I had another thought. Dear Mr. Satan himself might be forced at times to expose some things according to agreements made before the great challenge began in the spirit realm.

    So who does Satan pick to be the fall guy or fall group? Well, it has to be someone and likely those who would convenient and going to look bad, anyway. they might even be paid a bonus to take a rap, But you will note that no one has been prosecuted for anything and none may ever be prosecuted for anything. Sine I do not know the details any said agreement that might exist, exposure may not require prosecution. Just good press exposure. being notified and informed is a way to preserve some fairness in a battle of the super powers in another dimension, which battle/dispute also involves all of us, giving us a right to know, perhaps, before having to make the final choice/decision about which side to go with. There are only 2 to choose from.

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