What on Earth are we Doing to Our #Children? @MailOnline @RT_com @aljazeera

16-12-27-what-on-earthWhat on Earth are we Doing to our Children? 

This is indeed The Big Question – posed by the Maranatha Community already in 1995 – as a Call to the Nation’s Conscience.

The most depressing aspect for me is that they noticed already 20 years ago the steady decline that I documented in this recent study of governmental statistics: Children in Care.

Watching old movies made me realise that generations before us have also complained about the past having been better than the present.

How can we explain this to ourselves? Only through long-term planning by INSTITUTIONS that always live longer than INDIVIDUALS.

The longest standing institution on Earth is the Roman Catholic Church that pays priests and bishops to run their organisation.

But this Agenda of the New Word Order illustrates how Mayer Amschel Rothschild initiated particular long-term planning by inviting Professor Adam Weishaupt who started the secret Order of the Illuminati as an ‘inter-generational institution’ in Ingolstadt, Bavaria on 1 May 1776.

Please appreciate that the purpose of this long-term agenda is point 25: the creation of a world government and destroy civilisation.

This repressive, oppressive and suppressive nature of the agenda implementation is the consequence of what’s so dishonest with our money system – created initially by the Rothschild family.

After Nazis ‘were just doing their job’, we experience now not only the destruction of families by removing children by Police, Social Services and Courts ‘just doing their job’, but also schools.

Meanwhile, hospitals and care homes are busy destroying the lives and possessions of the elderly, because people are employed to ‘just do their job’ and are afraid of losing job and pension.

I lost my pension after I fled UK jurisdiction for longer than 13 weeks – to avoid the threats of prosecution and imprisonment by a secret UK Family Court. Nearly two years later I am still waiting for a judge to rule over my appeal – which is only one of my attempts to seek redress – not only for myself, but on behalf of other survivors of institutional abuse, after they supported allegations made by two children in Hampstead.

I am also under a ‘Restraining Order’ not to make public the allegations they made!

Curbing the Earth’s population to 500 million is the first goal stated on the Georgia Guidestones.

Let’s remind ourselves of our spiritual dimension, especially because that’s what our children have been deprived of – as admirably put in the Preface of What on Earth are we Doing to our Children?

There is a danger of our children inheriting a bankruptcy, not just in material terms, but in terms of the human spirit. Sadly, in our national pursuit of a secular humanist ideology, we have encouraged our children to deny the spiritual dimension of life. In doing this we have starved them of that which is healthy, wholesome and life-affirming.

Please note that we have been quoting the equally admirable 8-page report on Satanist Ritual Abuse of Children by the Maranatha Community on every possible occasion in defence of the future of children. It comes to this conclusion:

There is a need for an urgent, thorough and pro-active consideration of the nature and extent of satanist ritual abuse of children, including a review of court cases, police and legal procedure, and meetings with victims.  

Please Think, especially when using Social Media! They need Deep Thinking!!!

Thanks to Twitter I just came across this Guardian article to top it all off:

For a bigger picture, here’s the Christmas video from Galactic Connection:


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One response to “What on Earth are we Doing to Our #Children? @MailOnline @RT_com @aljazeera

  1. truth1

    Just reading the Table of contents was bitter. We have been so inattentive of so much. But worst, is the huge indifference toward kids. For me, I can’t help but feel that humanity has failed itself. And Satanism has surely flourished but why? Human sellouts is why. for a little bit of money or attention or sex. they will sell the whole human species down the drain. Throw away so much for so little. One man approached Jesus, asking (in Luke) are those being saved few? Jesus in essence, answered, you don’t know the half of it. many will find the gate and not bother to enter.

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