#pizzagate ON [CBS 46] or OFF [DAILY SHOW] Mainstream Media: the dam is breaking! @davidseamanweb

Mainstream Media [MSM] ON THE CASE:

Citizen Journalist David Seaman OFF the Daily Show:

David Seaman about the producer of the Daily Show:

I’ve lost a lot of respect for you!

And here a German journalist dies after he exposed CIA pressure for war between Europe and Russia…




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8 responses to “#pizzagate ON [CBS 46] or OFF [DAILY SHOW] Mainstream Media: the dam is breaking! @davidseamanweb

  1. truth1

    Ain’t it nice to see and hear so much about sex trafficking and pedophile investigations. Everyone seems confident that more is coming. I am too, but based on scripture rather than other reasons. I throw out a thought. What if someone were assassinated, at least by media reports and pronounced dead, and then a couple or three days later, they announce the person has been revived or came back to life. Not that it really happened that way, but that it was played that way. I.E, a psyop! What would be the reaction? What would be the motivation? would it work? I suspect it would cause quite a sensation and whoever was said to be brought back, would almost certainly attain a saintly status if not godly status.

    It was just a thought going thru my mind wit all this talk about assassinations and that Revelation speaks of a head of the 7 headed beast being slaughtered and brought back to life. and all the world followed admiringly. What I say for sure is that beware of any miracles from this point forward. If there is one concept to expect above all others, it is that of deception.

    On another note, I note a new channel on youtube highlighting an adorable girl by the name of Alisa and that innocent sincere face of hers telling of some real evil she knows of. Its getting a lot of heat from the cult. I know, You’re all shocked 😛 I suspect I know who channel operator is, too. always trying to get back in, after making herself an enemy of the entire movement. But she is giving the cult hell so I thought I would stay out of it. It wasn’t easy ya know. However, I did bring up the possibility of a rape that might have taken place near to the 3rd interview. Ya know, the cult don’t seem to want to go anywhere near it. Too hot to handle says I. They probably figured it is better to let sleeping dogs slumber. They might have something there.

    I wish to God that He might really expose this whole mess entirely and I would never wish or ask without acknowledging why I am able to ask and perhaps receive, because of blood poured out by God’s son in behalf of any of humankind that might want to avail themselves of God’s offer to all. God being Jehovah and His son being Jesus.

  2. Peter Westwood

    I wonder about David Seamans, I really do, as half his posts seem to be about Gold and Bitcoin, both of which serve the agenda of the elite for an entirely electronic money system ‘backed by gold’ (almost all of which THEY own.) Might be wrong.
    J20 is tomorrow, and is the USA being tricked into the Purple Revolution, we wonder?

    • truth1

      Peter, I appreciate your skepticism and reserve. I believe it is important in the age of deceit. I really do. I am cautious about nearly anyone that Jon Rappoport dubbed the Alt Media. The Elite have started most movements that are against them so that they can control the narrative of those movements at critical times. I have heard many Alt Media out of both side of their mouth, contradicting themselves at times.

      but it is said that beggars can’t be choosers and most info exposing evil is likely to continue coming thru “controlled” sources. My really far out opinion is that God might be forcing Satan to either expose all his dirty little secrets at some point, so as to make this trials of humans a fair fight of pretty full disclosure. It remains for us to read fully between the lines and discern the full implications.

      So I listen to it all and then see what fits together and makes sense and what does not. David Seaman has made it quite clear and I think he speaks for someone when he says that its all going to come out. Yes, he might end up looking like a prophet and being used later for misleading, but it does not change the fact that he keeps going at Pizzagate and does a god job for now. I don’t get mixed up with Bitcoin or anything like that. I rely on God for protection, guidance and whatever.

      I say, make every man prove himself over and over again. With me, no one gets a free pass. Every time they open their mouth, I will critically test what they say. It better makes sense. So keep up the good work, but trying to stop or prevent liars from lying would be like handing out traffic tickets at the Indy 500.

      • Peter Westwood

        Maybe I’m wrong and I hope I am. I just recall so clearly the Hampstead case, how Christine Sands (also involved with and trying to steal leadership of the Million Mask March) got involved and attempted to draw discredit. Other agents got involved too, particularly to draw donations into ‘charities’ and thereby defund genuine activists. I posted on my blog the faux interview with the accused Ricky Dearman by the BBC and the similar treatment given to James Alefantis, to show how the script is being followed, and also examples of how the British hold ‘enquiries’ to draw the energy from action, how they control police ‘investigations’ such that evidence is lost, how witnesses (in MANY cases) die in accidents, fires, and by suicide. I also posted about the science of the value of young blood and andrenochrome. There is no doubt that the Satanic rulers of this reality feed upon our children and, as you say, draw humanity into the cesspool to rob them of their humanity and their connection with God, who I call the Creator to draw distiction between that essence and the historical evil perpetrated by all organised hierarchic religions.
        Love to you,

      • truth1

        I think we see eye to eye. As I see it, all organized groups, whether religious, political, academic, business oriented, civic, charitable, or whatever, are all infiltrated and corrupted. I do not associate them with anything. Creator is a good name/label/choice. But with all their power, connections, and numbers, we are forced to really fine tune our critical thinking skills. It can be done. You will not likely have any troubles doing it, but many out there are like sheep to be led to the slaughter. They have no real awareness of the deception out there.

      • Indeed! My husband at the time even spoke of the Japanese and their figure relating to sheep / sheeple as being above 90%…

      • truth1

        Indeed, it does seem to be universal! The human creation is a delicate thing. It does not take much to interrupt its development of the mind and morals. We are social creatures, but intended to be intellectual ones, too. As I see it, we have a natural herding instinct in us, dramatically amplified by government schools that make the peer pressure so intense that most become conditioned to instinctively go along with the mood or direction of the herd. While the direction seems like something vague and naturally understood, there are in the class, those who subtly influence and direct the class/herd, sometimes not even realizing, themselves, that they are leading. Most most know. It makes it more uncomfortable for we who do question things and often take a different course, But sitll we persist. God likes that! 😛

  3. truth1

    Also, too, CBS actually being reasonable? Did hell freeze over? Did the world end and no one tell me? but it might be that the Elite want to maybe build back a little bit of credibility for at least some of the failed media. I think we are all in for lots of surprises yet. All things must be revealed. The test must be a fair one on humanity. If they throw the pedo to the wolves, you can be they got something else in mind. I would caution here that the really big deception is going to be with supposed aliens and UFOs. I heard some allegations that make sense. If you watch “Close encounters of the Third Kind, at the end, little aliens are seen in silhouette manner with light from behind. they used thing small children to play the aliens. Allegations are that they are planning to do the same with a fake alien invasion.

    The Elite are not done with Main Stream Media yet. you can bet on that. I think the Elite will be getting everyone to support and go along with the “Alien” agenda, which will be a Satanic agenda in disguise. What I can say for sure is that they are going to try everything in the book to fool us all. they way to avoid it is to stick to God, says I. Beware of psychic crap and the paranormal supernatural. These were granted to Satan to use to test our loyalty to God and His side of the story. God still has ultimate power but restrains Himself to prove beyond any doubt that His motives were pure and that absolute transparency is important to Him. It sure ain’t to Satan!

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