Nine Mass Deceptions vs One Shade of Absolute Reality #CosmicLove

This video of Dr Bruce Lipton was in the email I received from Christopher L. Rudy who calls himself a ‘MetaPhysician’ and ‘Host of Cosmic Love’.

The email spelled out these nine mass deceptions:

  1. Debt-based ‘economics of scarcity’ or the oxymoronic ‘value of scarcity’;
  2. Disease-based ‘health care’ system or the ‘value of disease’ for profit;
  3. Centralized power ‘rules’ in media, medical and military markets;
  4. The Deep State of mass deception [1, 2, & 3] is for our security;
  5. The Deep State’s survival requires ‘normalcy bias’ that calls good ‘evil’ and calls evil ‘normal’;
  6. The Mainstream Media is Dying
  7. The Biggest Story Big Media Wont’ Touch: dumping of the US dollar by Russia and China;
  8. Beware of False-Flag Diversionary Dis-info;
  9. The Untold Story of Global Paradigm Shift.

His excellent article ends with this marvellous quote:

Most people do not see their beliefs.

Instead, their beliefs tell them what they see.

This is the simple difference between CLARITY and CONFUSION.

Matt Kahn

May you discover the One Absolute Reality your way, while I’m making it visible my way:

  • images, as reflections of reality, get re-visualised in True Colour 3D;
  • their numerical representation is re-presented with Pixel Accuracy;
  • these numbers are produced by the imaging technology which we call Digital Colour Brightness;
  • Digital Colour Brightness can be used as a ‘generic yardstick’ to measure qualities that hitherto not been able to be quantified;
  • this leads to Smart Monitoring as the process to automate thousands of images and ensuring that they fall within selection criteria and boundary conditions.


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2 responses to “Nine Mass Deceptions vs One Shade of Absolute Reality #CosmicLove

  1. truth1

    You know, the funny thing here is that those “awake” will see this for all its clarity. Those not awake will not see anything.

    • Yes, I keep wondering what it’s like to ‘see’ our beliefs rather than reality… I keep wondering what the difference is between ‘believing’ and ‘knowing’. I keep being reminded of my healer who asked me often “are you in head or are you in your body?”

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