Alex Jones about Deceptive Mainstream Media #paedophilia @infowars

When ‘the system’ uses mainstream media to damage people…

In Alex Jones’ case, it seems to backfire regularly.

Compare and contrast:

  1. Mainstream Media propaganda vs internet reports and research
  2. #pizzagate and #pedogate in the US
  3. the McCann case and its 10th anniversary in the UK
  4. Google and YouTube censoring ‘their way’ – just in the UK or worldwide
  5. mainstream celebrities and online reputations…

Then there are his comments about satanism:

And finally, Trump’s attempts to battle paedophilia – starting at 4:44 – after talking about an amazing supplement:

pedophilia is an ‘elite prvilige’

an ‘acquired taste’

John Podesta is a ‘paedophile light’

There are Saudi Arabian restaurants in Washington DC where you can order children on the menu.

Paedophilia is the Achilles heel, and Donald Trump has figured this out.

And the dot on the ‘i’ by the former High Level CIA Robert David Steele: The Elite is Satanist.


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One response to “Alex Jones about Deceptive Mainstream Media #paedophilia @infowars

  1. truth1

    The left, the extreme left, have no goal but destruction. Many groups share that goal. Marxists, Commies, Satanists, the Mainstream press, They all lie, leave evidence out, cherry pick, distort and exaggerate to the point that the truth is nowhere to be found in their statements. A scratch or a small bruise of light color, maybe an inch in diameter, becomes a horrific beating and torture, when really, there is no similarity at all between the real unembellished account and the “distorted beyond recognition” one.

    I also find that even though these are so called liberals,( they are not the same liberals as the 60s and 70s were, to some degree.) These modern liberals are liars and seek only destruction. They hate everything and everyone and they hate humor. They have no sense of humor about many things. Humor, satire, parody, these terrify the left since they have no antidote for such effective insights revealed thru those types of humor, which is why there is a big crack down on humor starting in the 90s, but much more aggressive now, 20 years later. No picking on liberals or the status quo. Jay Leno is gone. Replaced with lame non-humor trying to pull off humor but fails. Its a dark day and age as we approach the climax heading our way, to pay us back for our stupidity over the years.

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