Methodical #Illusions #Deceptions and #Conclusions – a former Flight Attendant researches 9/11 @infowars

Today I came across this conversation between Sean who publishes the excellent SGTreport site and videos with over 40 million views. In the US he spoke with Rebekah Roth, a former flight attendant who published Methodical Illusion and Methodical Deception as a sequel – as she researched 9/11 – from her experience of 30 years of flying. She offers truly original insights and discoveries that illustrate how the world was duped into believing a completely wrong story and then all the levels of cover-ups…

Rebekah ended up writing Methodical Conclusion after aviation professionals read a hard disk full of Freedom of Information data.

My conclusion is: infowars are in full flow. Texan Alex Jones is far from alone. And everybody is doing their best riding the tide of the internet as the most important technology humanity has invented for itself. 

For confidence in mainstream media is waning and the popularity of online media is rising. As the next digital generation is expressing itself, by getting computers to do what they want them to do, there is hope for:

  1. Public Verifiability to replace trust in public authorities;
  2. a ‘free web‘ to oppose the controls imposed by Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter;
  3. smart contracts‘ as a step towards ‘programmable law’;
  4. world wide private currencies‘ – as crypto-currencies.

KEEP CALM and FIND YOUR OWN TRUTHS – as we are embedded in the wisdom of the intelligence that holds everything together – from the smallest of atoms to the largest of galaxies, including you and me. I refer to this video in my latest article Artificial Intelligence: Solution or Problem?

17 05 15 Networks17 05 14 IPFS.jpg


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