Are you expected to outpsychopath psychopaths? #Paedophilia as control mechanism @UKHomeOffice

This video was my first introduction to Dr Katherine Horton, an Oxford high energy physics PhD who talks about a ‘system inversion’ that is taking place. Starting with ‘control files’, mutilating women is on top of the agenda: 70- 80%. She talks about a ‘conquering system’ with a bunch of men who are getting off on dominating children. 

‘Asset stripping countries’ is far more important than ‘science’, using intelligence agencies.

Her website is Stop 007

On Twitter she is @Stop007org

At no point do they stop to think.

People will bend backwards trying to MIS-understand.

She also talks about ‘complex systems’ and has a videos dedicated to Systems Analysis Basics.

She recognises the value of maths, data science and physics and ends with:

You should give a fuck.

You really should.

But only about things that set your soul on fire.

Save your fucks for magical shit!

Her YouTube channel is here.



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