@AlfredWebre #OleDammegard about #Westminster #TimesSquare #Manchester: what #falseflag next? Terror events staged for #MSM

Ole Dammegard publishes Light on Conspiracies and has investigated false flag events for years. Thus he joins the dots and spots the patterns.

In the above interview Ole talks to former Canadian lawyer Alfred Lambremont-Webre.

Ole’s conclusion is that there is a mobile unit Crisis-Solutions.com that seem to tap into tactical teams on street level and are even able to stage theses events simultaneously on different continents. They have been doing this for 15 years!

  • Case Study 1 brags with the largest simulation exercise;
  • more than 2,000 players from more than 80 companies participate.

In his capacity as a coyright and war crimes lawyer, Alfred Lambremont-Webre comments about the possible felony committed by Crisis-Solutions.com – basically misleading the general public about its safety aka racketeering, by making profits out of their ‘terror productions’.

My observation is that

  1. banksters finance national governments to fight physical wars;
  2. they also finance multi-national corporations to stage ‘terror events’ so that Mainstream Media [MSM] fill our minds with terror;
  3. the video on Crisis-Solutions.com mentions Manchester, Edinburgh and New York;
  4. Ole has noticed before that they always leave hints for the next event!

Alfred says:

  1. They are a production company with actors as ‘witnesses’;
  2. 19 of the 24 actors in Stockholm have ‘relevant’ background.

Ole quotes ‘Conspiracy Granny and Side Thorn‘ who put up a $100,000 reward for PROVEN deaths at currently 13 or 14 events which he wants to grow to 30.

Ole ends with this prayer:

May the whole universe be filled with peace and joy, love and light!

May everyone, and especially the ones who hurt us, be filled with peace and joy, love and light!

Victory to that light!




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2 responses to “@AlfredWebre #OleDammegard about #Westminster #TimesSquare #Manchester: what #falseflag next? Terror events staged for #MSM

  1. truth1

    Its funny that you should write this at this time. It was nearly a week ago that I was talking with a guy (you know him) in Australia. And we had concluded, based on Russia and others also doing false flags, that there was likely some coordinated efforts for nations to help each other rout in supplying “Bad guys” to play villains and to share knowledge and techniques. As Ole suggests, they are practically another branch of the military or intelligence agencies. And just as the CIA has many allied corporations working for it, some, in fact, being CIA fronts, you can bet there are organized networks for specific types of operations. I note that in the Kennedy Assassination, there are said to be 2 French sharp shooters (The French Connection), and Mob snipers as well including Ruby, and some CIA operatives (the 3 hobos on the train), including G. Bush Sr. who was there that day on photographs. I have also heard allegations of others participating.

    It is important to them to supply numbers so that waters of clarity are muddied. But one thing remains very consistent. It is my opinion that these false flag psyops are deliberately done with accompanying signs, symbols, themes and intentionally sloppy and very obvious holes, gaps, absurd overacted and dramatized action. My guess and you can call me crazy (it won’t be the first time) that part of the dueling challenge taking place tween God and Satan, requires Satan to be rather obvious and thinly veiled in his earthly operations.

    The reason for this is that there seems to be a fairly clear boundary between the idiots and those with half a brain. (I barely quality) so that reasonably intelligent people will see the fraud for what it is and the rest will continue in blindness because it is the opinion, to some degree, of both God and Satan that there is no good excuse for stupidity beyond a certain level. So really stupid is not allowed. God created an amazing brain that is capable of far more than we have probably realized and made use of. given what God embellished us with, there is not excuse for extreme stupidity. So we see this reflected in the seemingly absurd and poorly carried out false flags. But that result is intentional.

    One other thing I see is the polarization of shills here in the USA. The shills are becoming more obvious, as well. Oddly, the whole movement as of late is to discredit photo comparisons and as an indirect result, discredit Alisa being in the Audi superbowl ad. the Hampstead cause is getting a lot of interest in the USA but none of it is well intended. It may even be that Ella could be either conned or a willful participant in this all. It really looks like a possibility. She appears to deny Alisa in the ad when she was once quite convinced.

    My opinion is that this commercial is going to be the big battle with severe consequences for the SRA MK-ULTRA operations. I see it as the lining up of the sides as there was in WWI. The SRA crowd has far more allies but the other side has God and that’s all ya really need.

    Well, anyway, it looks the guys in white jackets are coming so I guts ta find my tinfoil hat real quick like, just in case, you understand. But the truth doess seem to become ever more obvious as the days wear on.
    Truth1 out!

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