#Geo-Engineering = Global Dimming + Poisoning Food, Water, Soil and Air @GlblCtzn

“Chemtrails” has become a non-acceptable term according to Dr Rosalind Peterson who gives here a most comprehensive overview of remarkable sky watching, water testing and agricultural impacts.

Instead, “Contrails” or ‘condensation trails’ are telling us how the military industrial complex, aided by scientists who’ve sold their souls, are conning us into believing that their work is good for people, planet and global citizens.

I only stumbled into this most comprehensive video that refers to

I am interested in the ‘complex data’ resulting from her research, as I’ve developed a new visualisation style for Excel spreadsheets which will be available online for beta testing soon.

Meanwhile, welcome to all global citizens who are here to save our world from further destruction by man-made disasters and human hubris!



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