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#Google censors Natural News & @RealAlexJones — Which Insanity is going to break first? @twitter #Pizzagate

Further to this interview about Google censoring Alex Jones and Mike Adams who publishes Natural News, this article spells it out:

Mike Adams says:

This is ‘electronic facsism’

‘modern day book burning’

Google is the 4th Reich.

This ‘digital character assassination’.

He’s also advocating Good Gopher as the search engine that monitor internet news as an alternative to #searchgate.

And here’s an article on




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BBC and other Mainstream Media cover Bilderberg [High Priests of Globalisation] – at long last since 1954

Tony Gosling has been studying the Bilderbergers for years. He started by being shocked that the original Chairman for 20 years since 1954 was a Nazi. In this BBC coverage he suggests that there are criminals  in the fancy hotel, protected by Police, when, maybe it should be the other way round: the people should be protected from the elite criminals…

But here BBC London News reporter is refused access:

Bilderberg Fringe Festival and Bilderberg 2013 are the UK response to this historic event.

This 8-minute video is an introductory guide to the Bilderberg Group.

Here is an analysis of this year’s agenda.

This link proves from FOI requests regarding George Osborne’s participation that they are the Policy Makers behind governments.

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HOW MANY PEOPLE believe 9/11 was an Inside Job? Producer of “Reasonable Cause” in Court

EddieTheCat7 is a YouTube channel that specialises on ‘conspiracy’, ‘truth’ and mis- and dis-information, especially relating to 9/11 as the biggest event that triggered the ‘truth movement’.

This video shows the public awakening relating to 9/11.

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Sandy Hook fundraising relief page created 3 days before shooting, Google search results confirm

The magic of the net doesn’t cease to amaze me:

Recently, Dutchsinse put out a video that caused such an uproar that it was blocked almost immediately by Youtube.  Apparently, under pressure from the public and elsewhere the video has been restored.

This video is the commentary about the Sandy Hook tribute being created on Google three days before the “alleged” shooting.    The video can be found at the link below.   Also, an excellent commentary by Mike Adams at Natural News, follows the video.

Allegations have been made that the predating was just a technical error.   Is it?  Apparently, Mr. Adams does not think so. Review both items.  Highly recommended. You decide where the truth lies.

Regardless, it is a wonder that anyone in the USA can accept as truthful ANYTHING from the controlled media. But YouTube helps with LOTS of links to Sandy Hook cover ups. Continue reading

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