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Making Historic Connections: #CatholicChurch #Royalty #Illuminati #Jesuits #Satanic #Hollywood #Paedophilia #Clinton #Trump #Pizzagate #CSA

A most insight-ful account of the importance of the Jesuits as the ‘executive branch’ of the Roman Catholic Church and the creators of the Illuminati.

Fundamentally it is about ‘mind control’ as it has been exercised by ‘satanic Hollywood’ and companies like Walt Disney’s and PIXAR, including the Simpsons program.

‘Pizzagate’ is a ‘code word’ for child sexual abuse and its symbol is being used to legalise and normalise paedophilia, satanism, cannibalism and child sexual abuse.

That’s the essence. That’s the gist. It’s up to each of us to create our OWN views, thoughts, feelings, opinions and interpretations.

Happy Christmas and a GREAT New 2017!!!


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French and Swiss Children experienced ritual killing and abuse: on TV 20 years ago #pizzagate

Published on 1 Apr 2012 by Eheu2 – about a film shown in 1999.

Original title: Children’s rapes- The end of silence ?– (1-9) See elsewhere on you-tube and on dailymotion for the original uploads. Title and subs are the work of french people (not me this time) which explains some linguistic oddities here and there.. But this is an important movie , because in fits in perfectly with methods by which the Dutroux-case and the Zanvoort-scandal have been ‘treated’ by the authorities throughout entire Europe, as is proven by my other uploads (translated by myself) on my channel regarding these international scandals.

This documentary was broadcast one single time in ’99 on French national tv, and disappeared immediately after that from the public domain, that is to say the documentary has never been rebroadcast on French tv, and every reference to it disappeared from the media-archives, including those on the Internet.

A judge who in this documentary testimonied to the atrocities reported in this film (e.g. mass-graves of murdered children in the vicinity of Paris) was removed from her post immediately after this first and only broadcast, and ever since she refuses to speak. out of fear, about this case.

Needless to say that it is very likely that this scandal is also connected to the INTERNATIONAL child abuse-scandals which the Dutroux-case and the Zanvoort–case really are, and that it must have been covered-up by the same International political cabals as has been the case with those famous child abuse-scandals up till now…

At the time, they were 5 (Pierre) and 10 (Marie) years old. Continue reading

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#SpiritCooking with the #Clintons: bizarre satanic fetish!? @HillaryClinton @RT_com @AlJazeera

10 minutes of shock, horror, deja vu, apathy or roaring fury as armchair activist?


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@VIPPaedoRing #FionaBarnett on VIP Paedophile Ring in Australia

She lists the names of victims whose murders she witnessed and has given names of VIP paedos to the responsible institutions.

She says quite clearly:

  • Paedophilia is a red herring, it’s a cover-up for ritual abuse.

Please note how Fiona Barnett’s experience matches this report:

Who needs fiction when we need to wake up to REALITY???

Fiona’s second video is here.


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As Above so Below? Satan and Satanists vs God and Humans? #War coming to #Israel and #Synagogue of #Satan?

The above video is by Dr Patricia Snow about War coming to Israel. She made it based on the video of three nights of blood or red moon rising in the East on Friday and Saturday before Sunday of November 1, 2015. Another video about the Blood Moon (aka tetrad) with references to the Bible is here, investigating the coincidences of tetrads with Jewish festivals and historic events.

As Above so Below is a saying where I did not remember the origin. But with its Greek / Egyptian origins, it seems nearly as old as the Old Testament.

When 15-year-old Israeli Natan talked about his near-death experience, he saw what was described in Revelation 20 over 2,000 years ago, without knowing the Torah or the Bible. Continue reading


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SATANIC CHILD SACRIFICE disrupted in Montreal exposing Cargill, Sinclair Oil & Bishop

The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State was set up in June 2010 to
(1) To legally prosecute those people and institutions responsible for the exploitation, trafficking, torture and murder of children, past and present, and
(2) To stop these and other criminal actions by church and state, including by disestablishing those same institutions.

Here’s the Facebook group with over 6,000 members.

Kevin Annett has been the driving force and was denied entry to the UK some time ago.

This is his latest video:

And here’s the evidence:


A Google search for ninth circle satanic child sacrifice cult results in a lot of links for a lot of ‘shock therapy’, if you’re new to the subject…

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EMAIL from UK Bilderberg Expert Tony Gosling: A Convention of ‘Bond Villains’

Bilderberg, Oosterbeek, THE NETHERLANDS

Bilderberg, Oosterbeek, THE NETHERLANDS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear friends,

Hitler had a nasty hobby of burning them – for a reason – because he didn’t want us reading them.

The high pressure modern lifestyle with both adults in a family working also all hours God sends is aimed at eating into your leisure time and stopping you reading books.

What would the late great Alan Whicker have to say about the state of modern television?

The wall to wall dumbed down TV is also aimed at distracting us all with drivel.

Distracting us from what, exactly, is conducting an economic war against the peoples of the Western world as well as foreign power blocks.

Libya’s Colonel Gadaffi was removed and extrajudicially executed not because he was a tyrant (plenty of them we supply arms to) but because he represented a threat to IMF rule, with his expanding ‘gold dinar’.

And the world’s most dangerous religious cult fanatics are freemasons and Zionists, neither of whom ever get discussed in the media – funny that innit? Continue reading


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