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The Dirty #War on #Syria – Who needs it? Who benefits? Whose Motivations? What Intentions?

By Prof. Tim Anderson
Global Research, November 27, 2015
Region: Middle East & North Africa
Theme: US NATO War Agenda
In-depth Report: SYRIA: NATO’S NEXT WAR?

The following text is the introductory chapter of  Professor Tim Anderson’s forthcoming book entitled The Dirty War on Syria

Although every war makes ample use of lies and deception, the dirty war on Syria has relied on a level of mass disinformation not seen in living memory. The British-Australian journalist Philip Knightley pointed out that war propaganda typically involves ‘a depressingly predictable pattern’ of demonising the enemy leader, then demonising the enemy people through atrocity stories, real or imagined (Knightley 2001). Accordingly, a mild-mannered eye doctor called Bashar al Assad became the new evil in the world and, according to consistent western media reports, the Syrian Army did nothing but kill civilians for more than four years. To this day, many imagine the Syrian conflict is a ‘civil war’, a ‘popular revolt’ or some sort of internal sectarian conflict. These myths are, in many respects, a substantial achievement for the big powers which have driven a series of ‘regime change’ operations in the Middle East region, all on false pretexts, over the past 15 years. Dr. Tim Anderson

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#SocialConformity by #IdeologicalContagion: Rule from the Shadows since WWI

This is an excellent video and an excellent analysis of the ‘science’ of public relations – unfortunately on behalf of those who can afford it, at the cost of those who cannot. Leaves us to learn to think for ourselves, if we can and want to – always ending up with what’s so dishonest with our money system

It came from the excellent tap with many more links and videos!

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HUBRIS: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal and the Selling of War by Deceit

Media Fakes War Propaganda ¦ Weapons of Mass Distraction – a video that illustrates how the war on Iraq was staged with the aid of the Mainstream Media:

The video focuses on: 

  • the toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue 
  • Private Jessica Lynch: truth vs hype and mis-information
  • fake baby killing – also shown on Reasonable Cause

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Michael Shrimpton on Tony Gosling’s radio and its Analysis in a British – German – Soviet light

In this video, an interview by Tony Gosling for his Bristol community radio station, barrister Michael Shrimpton exposes a few items. He suggests that

  1. Robin Cook MP was murdered because he knew about the Diana murder
  2. Madeleine McCann was abused by a high EU official and murdered because she would have recognised her abuser
  3. Ted Heath abused boys on his yacht and murdered them, throwing their bodies overboard
  4. “the Germans” are behind Haut de la Garenne and other institutions in Jersey.

Ironically, I happened to have received this post from a most astute German blogger: a German soldier is asking the UK Government for compensation for torture which he experienced in a camp between 1945 and 47. His story is published in the Daily Mail today: 70 years on, Nazi soldier sues UK over ‘torture jail’ where hundreds of German prisoners were held suspected of being Communist spies Continue reading


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Mind the Gaps: between spin doctors, bloggers and tweeters

13 01 13 John WardThe Slog is an admirable blog and therefore extremely popular and, I hope, influential with 3.080,195 visitors since January 2010.

Its author John Ward wages war on distraction, distortion & deception.

In today’s post he points out MEDIA HIJACK: the spinning wheel accelerates – a brilliant analysis once again with superb wording.

When I came to London in 1981 with the vision of a peace network of people and computers protecting our planet, I used a press clipping service to become familiar with ‘the scene’. I noticed how the same articles were printed all over again.

Now I know who produces them: spin doctors. But now we have bloggers to counteract their opinion shaping and and Twitter to set other trends than the mainstream media.

In that spirit, we are organising Mind the Gaps: between Online and Mainstream Media, Government and Public – to produce a video for online viewing – with the ‘Slogger’ as panellist, sponsored by John Hemming MP and Austin Mitchell MP – next Tuesday, 15th January at the House of Commons.

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