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Top 15 Discoveries & Implications of Wikileaks CIA Vault 7 @twitter

This is an article worth reading by anybody concerned about:

  • the CIA ruling the world as described by economic hitman John Perkins;
  • privacy, freedom of speech and human rights, while using their phone, tablet, laptop, computer or TV;
  • the criminalisation of society along its numbing and dumbing down.

From the remarkable blog Humans Are Free:

  1. CIA = Virus & Malware Factory
  2. Bypassing Encryption
  3. Bypassing Computer Operating System
  4. Smart TVs become Spy TVs
  5. MicroSoft => MicroSpy Software
  6. Skype is Vulnerable
  7. iPhones and Androids are Vulnerable
  8. Breaking “Zero Day” Commitment by Hoarding Vulnerabilities
  9. Hijacking all Sorts of Vehicles for Assassination
  10. Using the US Consulate in Germany as a Spy and Hacking Base
  11. CIA-Electronics Supplier Collusion
  12. Fiscal Damage
  13. Project Umbrage: The Framing of Foreign Nations like Russia
  14. The CIA-NSA Turf War
  15. CIA Above the Rank of President.

Breathe deeply and Wake Up: from illusions to realities, whether individual or collective…

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French and Swiss Children experienced ritual killing and abuse: on TV 20 years ago #pizzagate

Published on 1 Apr 2012 by Eheu2 – about a film shown in 1999.

Original title: Children’s rapes- The end of silence ?– (1-9) See elsewhere on you-tube and on dailymotion for the original uploads. Title and subs are the work of french people (not me this time) which explains some linguistic oddities here and there.. But this is an important movie , because in fits in perfectly with methods by which the Dutroux-case and the Zanvoort-scandal have been ‘treated’ by the authorities throughout entire Europe, as is proven by my other uploads (translated by myself) on my channel regarding these international scandals.

This documentary was broadcast one single time in ’99 on French national tv, and disappeared immediately after that from the public domain, that is to say the documentary has never been rebroadcast on French tv, and every reference to it disappeared from the media-archives, including those on the Internet.

A judge who in this documentary testimonied to the atrocities reported in this film (e.g. mass-graves of murdered children in the vicinity of Paris) was removed from her post immediately after this first and only broadcast, and ever since she refuses to speak. out of fear, about this case.

Needless to say that it is very likely that this scandal is also connected to the INTERNATIONAL child abuse-scandals which the Dutroux-case and the Zanvoort–case really are, and that it must have been covered-up by the same International political cabals as has been the case with those famous child abuse-scandals up till now…

At the time, they were 5 (Pierre) and 10 (Marie) years old. Continue reading

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Mass Awakening from Mass Suppression into #HolisticHealing @Global__Healing

This email came from Christopher Rudy in the US today:

“If you read today’s article: Mass Awakening From Mass Suppression, you’ll know how urgent this is.

Two timely short videos are included.

It’s about THE QUICKENING of global “Common Sense” (Mass Correction of Public Deception)

You’ll appreciate how global economic reset is about to burst onto the world scene. This will be shocking for those who are unprepared and stuck in negativity.

Better than being shocked with even more stress and ‘dis-ease’ is being prepared for some disruption of corruption on a global scale.

Please read Mass Awakening From Mass Suppression to be prepared for some socio-political bumps in the road ahead.

These are Christopher Rudy’s main points:

  1. We are spiritual beings incarnating on earth to experience ‘full spectrum enlightenment’.
  2. ‘Mass Awakening’ means accusing Big Pharma of starting autism with MMR vaccine!
  3. Deceptions are achieved through the mis-use of words by mainstream media and governmental policies:
    • health care is really ‘disease management’;
    • wars are fought for corporate profit;
    • ‘Patriot Acts’ enslave citizens into the tyranny of ‘debt slavery’.
  4. Censorship of ‘medical truth’ about the cause and cures of cancer are part of ‘the system’.
  5. Global Healing is happening:
    • Clean free energy technology is going into production;
    • economics of abundance will displace scarcity;
    • Chemtrails for climate engineering and population reduction will stop;
    •  cleaning up the Fukishima meltdown will begin to take place.

Continue reading

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Britain Normalises Sex 4 Children. Moral values increasingly reflect #sataniccult which controls society.

14 11 09 TeensHenry Makow is an interesting academic who’s been publishing eye widening and mind opening articles for years.

This article came my way as I am preparing for Brussels where the Petitions Committee has invited me again, after receiving a letter from the European Commission.

It begins with the separation of parents and children and ends up with a broken society, where not only generations can’t talk to each other any more but neither men and women…

From: Henry Makow

Date: 11/7/2014 12:05:48 AM

Subject: Britain Normalizes Sex for Children

Moral values increasingly reflect the satanic cult which controls society.

Britain Normalizes Sex for Children

November 6, 2014
“Sex Education,” i.e. promoting sex to children before they are mentally and emotionally mature, is state-sanctioned sexual abuse of children. Continue reading

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#REALITY is scoffed at #Illusion is king #StanleyMonteith on #NWO and #worldreligion

Dr Stan Monteith published the Brotherhood of Darkness describing the influence of secret societies with their goals of

  • a New World Order
  • and a new World Religion.

Here he talks about the Forbidden Secret – the hidden knowledge and the mysteries of hidden societies taught as ‘the occult’ about the dualism of God – the ‘Angel’ of Lucifer aka Satan:

  • Alexander The Great
  • The Kabbalah
  • The Rosicrucians
  • The Gnostics
  • The Knights Templars
  • The Theosophical Society
  • The Illuminati
  • The upper echelons of Freemasonry.

He was regularly on Radio Freedom where he starts by saying:

Reality is always scoffed at.

Illusion is always King.

Continue reading


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#SocialConformity by #IdeologicalContagion: Rule from the Shadows since WWI

This is an excellent video and an excellent analysis of the ‘science’ of public relations – unfortunately on behalf of those who can afford it, at the cost of those who cannot. Leaves us to learn to think for ourselves, if we can and want to – always ending up with what’s so dishonest with our money system

It came from the excellent tap with many more links and videos!

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THE ROTHERHAM state of mind: inaction, losing files, perverting the course of action

Official logo of Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham

Official logo of Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The gross mishandling of the Rotherham child abuse scandal was highlighted by the news yesterday that 3 reports containing details of some of the cases in question were “missing”. This is how the conspiracy has unfolded. The report issued by Professor Alexis Jay which brought the matter to the notice of the public, amounted to the following (which I take from The Guardian’s {small} news item today, ” (it) outlined how hundreds of children had been subjected to trafficking, rape and other sexual exploitation between 1997 and 2013 and how their plight had been completely and unsympathetically ignored by a range of agencies, including police, councillors and council officials”.

Professor Jay, from The Daily Telegraph report (30.08.14), was quoted as saying, “The utter brutality (of the offences) is what shocked me most” and the paper itself commented that “something unimaginably evil was unfolding and on a scale that defied belief”.  Horrific material had come to light. Petrol dousing, oral and anal sex was used (on victims) as a means of punishment and control. This sickening behaviour was meted out – not to mature women – but to girls aged 11 and 12. Continue reading

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