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What on Earth are we Doing to Our #Children? @MailOnline @RT_com @aljazeera

16-12-27-what-on-earthWhat on Earth are we Doing to our Children? 

This is indeed The Big Question – posed by the Maranatha Community already in 1995 – as a Call to the Nation’s Conscience.

The most depressing aspect for me is that they noticed already 20 years ago the steady decline that I documented in this recent study of governmental statistics: Children in Care.

Watching old movies made me realise that generations before us have also complained about the past having been better than the present.

How can we explain this to ourselves? Only through long-term planning by INSTITUTIONS that always live longer than INDIVIDUALS.

The longest standing institution on Earth is the Roman Catholic Church that pays priests and bishops to run their organisation. Continue reading


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@BarackObama A Detailed Response to Obama’s Directive re #UnitedKingdom

16 04 23 EU 1In the past, the UK has chosen to opt out of some key EU decisions, like the single currency or euro and the Schengen Treaty, which relaxed border controls. Prime Minister David Cameron wants Britain to stay in the EU, if certain changes are made to the rules – including lower benefits paid to migrants and greater protection for states not in the eurozone.

Critics believe Britain is being held back by the EU, gets little in return for the money it pays in and would be better taking back control of its borders.

The UK’s EU vote: All you need to know

  1. How the EU began

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#SocialConformity by #IdeologicalContagion: Rule from the Shadows since WWI

This is an excellent video and an excellent analysis of the ‘science’ of public relations – unfortunately on behalf of those who can afford it, at the cost of those who cannot. Leaves us to learn to think for ourselves, if we can and want to – always ending up with what’s so dishonest with our money system

It came from the excellent tap with many more links and videos!

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DAVID ICKE: Was he right? A documentary with over a million views so far

This video is a good overview over

  • the reality of a 1984-style police state
  • the ‘movie’ created by mainstream media that makes us believe ‘them’, their ‘doublethink’ and ‘newspeak’ rather than think for ourselves [I just finished reading 1984 which was written in 1949!…]
  • the underlying agenda of a Global State with a Global Government, a Global Central Bank and Army
  • journalists as the ‘repeaters’ of what has been coined ‘policy’ and ‘reality’.

When will we stop killing our kids? is the question asked by the late Brian Haw who was asking for peace opposite Parliament for 10 years.

When will the Treasury enforce the Bank of England Act 1694? is my question to stop what is dishonest with our money system – as the poisoned blood that is being made to flow through humanity…

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EMAIL from UK Bilderberg Expert Tony Gosling: A Convention of ‘Bond Villains’

Bilderberg, Oosterbeek, THE NETHERLANDS

Bilderberg, Oosterbeek, THE NETHERLANDS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear friends,

Hitler had a nasty hobby of burning them – for a reason – because he didn’t want us reading them.

The high pressure modern lifestyle with both adults in a family working also all hours God sends is aimed at eating into your leisure time and stopping you reading books.

What would the late great Alan Whicker have to say about the state of modern television?

The wall to wall dumbed down TV is also aimed at distracting us all with drivel.

Distracting us from what, exactly, is conducting an economic war against the peoples of the Western world as well as foreign power blocks.

Libya’s Colonel Gadaffi was removed and extrajudicially executed not because he was a tyrant (plenty of them we supply arms to) but because he represented a threat to IMF rule, with his expanding ‘gold dinar’.

And the world’s most dangerous religious cult fanatics are freemasons and Zionists, neither of whom ever get discussed in the media – funny that innit? Continue reading


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THE TOP is for the 1%. How do We Restore America? Gerald Celente calls for a 2nd Revolution

How do we restore America? 

  1. the Declaration of Independence
  2. the Bill of Rights
  3. the Constitution.

This video shows Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente on 4th July:

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BBC and other Mainstream Media cover Bilderberg [High Priests of Globalisation] – at long last since 1954

Tony Gosling has been studying the Bilderbergers for years. He started by being shocked that the original Chairman for 20 years since 1954 was a Nazi. In this BBC coverage he suggests that there are criminals  in the fancy hotel, protected by Police, when, maybe it should be the other way round: the people should be protected from the elite criminals…

But here BBC London News reporter is refused access:

Bilderberg Fringe Festival and Bilderberg 2013 are the UK response to this historic event.

This 8-minute video is an introductory guide to the Bilderberg Group.

Here is an analysis of this year’s agenda.

This link proves from FOI requests regarding George Osborne’s participation that they are the Policy Makers behind governments.

Continue reading


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