Amazing Dutch Whistleblower Video.

Crimes of Empire

Screenshots from the key moment in the interview of Ronald Bernard conducted by Irma Shiffer. (Source)

Screenshots from the key moment in the interview of Ronald Bernard conducted by Irma Shiffer.(Source)

Screenshots from the key moment in the interview of Ronald Bernard conducted by Irma Shiffer.(Source)

Screenshots from the key moment in the interview of Ronald Bernard conducted by Irma Shiffer. (Source)

April 29th, 2017.

Amazing Dutch Whistleblower Interview.

A remarkable and very important video emerged on the internet this week. The video is a 39 minute long interview of a man named Ronald Bernard conducted by a journalist named Irma Schiffer.

There are large gaps in the story Ronald Bernard tells and there is no way to corroborate the claims he makes,, the story Bernard outlines is however broadly corroborated by many confirmed and substantiated facts established in recent decades such…

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Towards 10th #Maddie #McCann Anniversary: American #Paedophilia – prerequisite of wealthy elite? @UKHomeOffice

62745-keep-calm-and-sparkle-onThis article was posted on 09 February 2016:

It is an excellent introduction into having to consider uncomfortable truths: that good is evil and evil is good among those who are in positions of power globally.

I found it after having read

which was published on 21 November 2016.

And that article linked back to

which arrived in my mailbox today.

In the run-up to the tenth anniversary of Maddie McCann’s disappearance all this internet research will be the antidote to #fakenews.

May their conscience get perpetrators to STOP and REPENT, while one comment says here:

We have added a “PedoGate” section on in the hopes that our extensive missing children database can be used to cross-reference Pedogate files, in the earnest hope of finding out what has happened to thousands of children.

We are NOT affiliated with any MSM, and many of the stories copied to J4C are the only remaining copies publically available. We need HELP with this, let’s FIND THE CHILDREN!

Time to wake up and open our eyes to very sad and bad realities…

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Patterns that Connect #FalseFlag Terror Attacks: Same Actors, Different Stage @LightOnConspiracies

cv7a6nkusaep90mOle Dammegard publishes Lights on Conspiracies and has been studying many false flag attacks. He predicted London three weeks before it happened, as he spotted that events leave a clue to the next one.

Former BBC reporter Tony Gosling publishes and sent this email:

Two assailants in Westminster false flag attack? lan Buttle, Martin Summers, Tony Gosling


Another day, another shooting, stabbing or other terror attack…

Post-9/11, numerous headline-making, high-profile violent incidents in America, Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Norway were automatically called terrorist attacks.

Or were they state-sponsored false flags?

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German journalist @UdoUlfkotte confesses to US bribery about War in Europe @RT_com

The late Udo Ulfkotte, formerly editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine, talks about how he was a ‘non-official cover’ for the US but does NOT want to advocate the next war in Europe.

He mentions his book: Journalists for Hire – How the CIA buys the News.

He says that he was bribed by billionaires to write pro-Europe and pro-US but NOT pro-Russia…

His website lists his German book titles.

Germany is still a kind of a colony of the US.

All German media are members of transatlantic organisations where you are being bribed.

You think they are friends and you co-operate with them.

Is this only the case with German journalists? No, especially with British, Israeli and French journalists, also from Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Jordan and Oman.


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Nine Mass Deceptions vs One Shade of Absolute Reality #CosmicLove

This video of Dr Bruce Lipton was in the email I received from Christopher L. Rudy who calls himself a ‘MetaPhysician’ and ‘Host of Cosmic Love’.

The email spelled out these nine mass deceptions:

  1. Debt-based ‘economics of scarcity’ or the oxymoronic ‘value of scarcity’;
  2. Disease-based ‘health care’ system or the ‘value of disease’ for profit;
  3. Centralized power ‘rules’ in media, medical and military markets;
  4. The Deep State of mass deception [1, 2, & 3] is for our security;
  5. The Deep State’s survival requires ‘normalcy bias’ that calls good ‘evil’ and calls evil ‘normal’;
  6. The Mainstream Media is Dying
  7. The Biggest Story Big Media Wont’ Touch: dumping of the US dollar by Russia and China;
  8. Beware of False-Flag Diversionary Dis-info;
  9. The Untold Story of Global Paradigm Shift.

His excellent article ends with this marvellous quote:

Most people do not see their beliefs.

Instead, their beliefs tell them what they see.

This is the simple difference between CLARITY and CONFUSION.

Matt Kahn

May you discover the One Absolute Reality your way, while I’m making it visible my way:

  • images, as reflections of reality, get re-visualised in True Colour 3D;
  • their numerical representation is re-presented with Pixel Accuracy;
  • these numbers are produced by the imaging technology which we call Digital Colour Brightness;
  • Digital Colour Brightness can be used as a ‘generic yardstick’ to measure qualities that hitherto not been able to be quantified;
  • this leads to Smart Monitoring as the process to automate thousands of images and ensuring that they fall within selection criteria and boundary conditions.


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False Flag Expert Ole Dammegard & Carine Hutsebaut – Expert in Global Satanic Crimes

As long as mainstream [and internet] media keep covering up truth, citizen journalists need to continue to do their best to STOP the trend and help turn things round.

This conversation between experts of 30 years each opens eyes – even though we might prefer not to have to acknowledge the implications, when Black is supposed to be White, and White is supposed to be Black, or rather: evil is supposed to be good and acceptable and criminality is supposed to be ‘normal’…

Ole Dammegard publishes Light on Conspiracies and has analysed so many false flag events that he has been able to predict them: for the insiders signs and pointers are set to indicate the next event:

Carine Hutsebaut published Child Hunters: Requiem of a Childkiller

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Top 15 Discoveries & Implications of Wikileaks CIA Vault 7 @twitter

This is an article worth reading by anybody concerned about:

  • the CIA ruling the world as described by economic hitman John Perkins;
  • privacy, freedom of speech and human rights, while using their phone, tablet, laptop, computer or TV;
  • the criminalisation of society along its numbing and dumbing down.

From the remarkable blog Humans Are Free:

  1. CIA = Virus & Malware Factory
  2. Bypassing Encryption
  3. Bypassing Computer Operating System
  4. Smart TVs become Spy TVs
  5. MicroSoft => MicroSpy Software
  6. Skype is Vulnerable
  7. iPhones and Androids are Vulnerable
  8. Breaking “Zero Day” Commitment by Hoarding Vulnerabilities
  9. Hijacking all Sorts of Vehicles for Assassination
  10. Using the US Consulate in Germany as a Spy and Hacking Base
  11. CIA-Electronics Supplier Collusion
  12. Fiscal Damage
  13. Project Umbrage: The Framing of Foreign Nations like Russia
  14. The CIA-NSA Turf War
  15. CIA Above the Rank of President.

Breathe deeply and Wake Up: from illusions to realities, whether individual or collective…

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