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Digital Unaccountability: Banned from @Facebook for Sharing an Article about #FalseFlags

Shift Happens“Digital” moves faster than The Law or Digital Legislation. In any case, I see that ‘power is in the code’ and their machines rather than the word and people. But this article demonstrates even more about the gap between the paper world of books and our digital world of the internet. Do come to your own conclusions!

I’ve Been Banned From Facebook for Sharing an Article About False Flags


In a corporatist system of government, corporate censorship is state censorship. When there’s no meaningful space between corporate power and government power, it doesn’t make much difference whether the guy silencing your dissent is Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Sessions.

For Those Who Don’t ‘Believe’ In ‘Conspiracies’ Here Are 58 Admitted False Flag Attacks


“False flag terrorism” occurs when elements within a government stage a secret operation whereby government forces pretend to be a targeted enemy while attacking their own forces or people. The attack is then falsely blamed on the enemy in order to justify going to war against that enemy. Continue reading


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Patterns that Connect #FalseFlag Terror Attacks: Same Actors, Different Stage @LightOnConspiracies

cv7a6nkusaep90mOle Dammegard publishes Lights on Conspiracies and has been studying many false flag attacks. He predicted London three weeks before it happened, as he spotted that events leave a clue to the next one.

Former BBC reporter Tony Gosling publishes Bilderberg.org and sent this email:

Two assailants in Westminster false flag attack? lan Buttle, Martin Summers, Tony Gosling


Another day, another shooting, stabbing or other terror attack…

Post-9/11, numerous headline-making, high-profile violent incidents in America, Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Norway were automatically called terrorist attacks.

Or were they state-sponsored false flags?

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UK Whistleblower and deep German Analysis of possible False Flag Attack during Olympics

The friend who alerted me in February about a possible attack just told me how the investigative journalist Lee Hazledean who pretended to want to work for the G4S security company experienced his training:

  • they have to expect an event
  • bombs are already planted
  • they might have to expect an evacuation of London
  • they don’t need uniforms in order not to be a target
  • they were accepted by a “no fail policy”, even though their training was far from adequate.

All in all: a complete farce, just as the trial in which the worst of all child snatching cases was staged…

But who needs ‘security’ to carry out an attack? You just need victims!

If you read German, try these analyses of English source materials – on the most popular of all German blogs: Continue reading

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Crying “Wolf”: “The 2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000”!?!?

First I had the experience of alerting Berlin to a false flag event for the opening of the women’s football championship (26-06-2011). Then I was warned in London about a false flag re the Olympics and googled. Now this from Argentina:

‘Are the London Olympics a target for a False-Flag Attack?

“The two fundamental elements for a successful Strategy are: Secrecy and Surprise!” Juan Domingo Perón – Argentine President & Statesman

 It might be wise to take a closer look at some unnerving indications that the London Olympics might be the stage for a horrific “False Flag” attack, as part of the Global Power Master’s strategic need to break their present global political and economic deadlock.

“False Flag” attacks happen when a militarily strong Nation stages a controlled and very high profile military or terror attack on its own territory and interests, then immediately blaming it on a target foreign power or entity, using it as an excuse to wage war.

Such events carry their tell-tale signs; their “stigmata” so to speak because, when planned, they must include some sort of “communication or cueing mechanism” so that those in the know can make sure neither they, nor their associates, nor loved ones should happen to be in “the wrong place at the wrong time”.

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Military devices already in position for the Olympics

I am baffled by the gall with which ‘they’ put the military in place and even the BBC approves: sonic device deployed in London during Olympics.

If only people could IMAGINE it’s their own government!

If only people googled more and informed themselves more!

Here’s what I experienced in Germany last year – as a precursor for London this year.

I do wish that either people cancelled their Olympics tickets or that so many people warn about the false flag that ‘they’ won’t dare do it – just as in Berlin!

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After Berlin 26-06-11 was prevented, Challenge for London False Flag during Olympics

Sorry if you need to stretch your imagination. But take it from German lawyer Torsten van Geest who put 400 pages together about the false flag operation that was planned for the opening of the women’s football championship on 26th June 2011 in Berlin.

Thanks to oodles of hits on a number of websites, it was prevented.

Now I’ve just been made aware of the same procedure: warnings or rather announcements of a catastrophe on 3rd / 4th or 12th August 2012 during the Olympics. Here are the first videos for your ‘enlightenment’:

Setting the Scene: London 2012 7/7 Olympics Sacrifice Ritual

Watch, google and wake up to the ruthlessness of those who clamour to make the New World Order happen, no matter what… Continue reading


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First we BOMB Manhattan, then we NUKE Berlin: 26-06-2011, 7:17pm

This isn’t funny but true: LOTS of evidence about a planned terror attack on Sunday evening after the first half of the world cup of women’s football. Two German lawyers have taken the lead, and here’s a summary in the Eu Chronicle: First Manhattan, then Berlin?! (Their Facebook account was closed after this publication!)

Here are a few summaries:

First Manhattan (9/11) then Berlin (6/26) this coming Sunday – for opening of women’s world cup twishort.com/ac4vj
Unbelievable but true: German lawyer accuses Merkel of not warning about false flag attack next Sunday bit.ly/m0w9Up 
Berlin Terror Attack on 26th June 2011 at 07:17pm bit.ly/ks7qV7 
First we bomb Manhattan, then we nuke Berlin bit.ly/mnuJBM 
First Manhattan, then Berlin!?! bit.ly/myXDCy
Right Wing Media Climate Change bit.ly/micMkT
Nuclear terrorist attack during Fifa world cup in Berlin? bit.ly/j8iRzT

Deutsche Zusammenfassungen:

Erst Manhattan (9/11), Sonntag Berlin: 26.06.2011 – Olympiastadion twishort.com/ac41u 
Atomarer Anschlag auf Berlin für den 26.06.11 geplant bit.ly/lOsE6A 
RA Storr legt nach mit Strafanzeige  bit.ly/lVRKMp 
Anzeige gegen Unbekannt bit.ly/kw3DUZ 
Mega Ritual 2011 – Planned Terrorist Attack bit.ly/mnnZkP 
Erst Manhattan, dann Berlin – Email ans BKA bit.ly/iRpLx0 


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