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Are you expected to outpsychopath psychopaths? #Paedophilia as control mechanism @UKHomeOffice

This video was my first introduction to Dr Katherine Horton, an Oxford high energy physics PhD who talks about a ‘system inversion’ that is taking place. Starting with ‘control files’, mutilating women is on top of the agenda: 70- 80%. She talks about a ‘conquering system’ with a bunch of men who are getting off on dominating children.  Continue reading


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RETIRED Head of FBI tells about Illuminati, Satanism and Paedophile Rings

He starts quoting the Illuminati who were set up in 1776 with their 25 goals and then he goes into the cover-up of a case who lost his wife and 2 children and who was falsely imprisoned for 25 years.

In this process he discovered the wrong-doings of officials and judicial cover-ups, as he discovered the Illuminati / Satanic movement.

He also discovered these statistics:

  • 83 children disappear every hour in the US
  • 2,500 children are kidnapped and murdered every year in the US, but the FBI refuses to investigate.

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