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@MetPoliceUK tweet about #LondonBridge BEFORE event? Pants down while @CNN stage #fakenews All #theatre!

Who can make sense of our digitally staged world?

How come citizen journalists are better at Social Media than people paid by institutions?

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German Lawyer charges Merkel for not informing the Public of Nuclear False Flag Attack!

11 06 26 Womens-World-Cup

11 06 26 Womens-World-Cup

It obviously helps to be able to read and understand German, especially if you’re interested in the details of the 405-page long ‘injunction order’.

In his document he addresses:

  1. State terrorism and special task forces
  2. Historic examples of ‘false flag operations’
  3. The real actors and background of state terrorism: Cui bono? [Who benefits?] The New World Order
  4. Concrete hints to the attack on 26 June, 2011 in the Olympic Stadion of Berlin on the occasion of the opening of the world championship of women’s football
  5. Summary and Legal Issues.

Still, here’s a first good entry point.

Here’s one on Wake-UP.

Here’s an English summary video.

And here are English documents.

This is Jennifer Warnes singing Leonard Cohen’s First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin (26.6.11)

My first German summary is here.

German video about the terror organisation “Gladio”.

Meanwhile, High-level American Officials Admit that the US uses False Flag Terror… and Warn of Future Attacks

The rest is up to Google…


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