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@MetPoliceUK tweet about #LondonBridge BEFORE event? Pants down while @CNN stage #fakenews All #theatre!

Who can make sense of our digitally staged world?

How come citizen journalists are better at Social Media than people paid by institutions?

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First we BOMB Manhattan, then we NUKE Berlin: 26-06-2011, 7:17pm

This isn’t funny but true: LOTS of evidence about a planned terror attack on Sunday evening after the first half of the world cup of women’s football. Two German lawyers have taken the lead, and here’s a summary in the Eu Chronicle: First Manhattan, then Berlin?! (Their Facebook account was closed after this publication!)

Here are a few summaries:

First Manhattan (9/11) then Berlin (6/26) this coming Sunday – for opening of women’s world cup twishort.com/ac4vj
Unbelievable but true: German lawyer accuses Merkel of not warning about false flag attack next Sunday bit.ly/m0w9Up 
Berlin Terror Attack on 26th June 2011 at 07:17pm bit.ly/ks7qV7 
First we bomb Manhattan, then we nuke Berlin bit.ly/mnuJBM 
First Manhattan, then Berlin!?! bit.ly/myXDCy
Right Wing Media Climate Change bit.ly/micMkT
Nuclear terrorist attack during Fifa world cup in Berlin? bit.ly/j8iRzT

Deutsche Zusammenfassungen:

Erst Manhattan (9/11), Sonntag Berlin: 26.06.2011 – Olympiastadion twishort.com/ac41u 
Atomarer Anschlag auf Berlin für den 26.06.11 geplant bit.ly/lOsE6A 
RA Storr legt nach mit Strafanzeige  bit.ly/lVRKMp 
Anzeige gegen Unbekannt bit.ly/kw3DUZ 
Mega Ritual 2011 – Planned Terrorist Attack bit.ly/mnnZkP 
Erst Manhattan, dann Berlin – Email ans BKA bit.ly/iRpLx0 


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